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Any type of drug crimes charge may result not only in prison time and fines, but in a damaged reputation, an inability to find work and more. A simple mistake may wind up leaving you with a criminal record for life. An illegal search and seizure, undetected or unquestioned, may leave you with a conviction that should never have occurred. With the help of a drug crimes defense attorney, you can get the needed protection to avoid a conviction that could ruin the rest of your life.

Nashville and Clarksville drug crimes defense lawyers represents defendants in all types of drug crimes charges involving all drugs (marijuana, methamphetamines, meth, cocaine, heroin, cannabis, and more) including:

  • Possession
  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Trafficking
  • Drug dealing
  • Manufacturing
  • Cultivation

Defending your Tennessee Drug Crime Charge

In any Tennessee drug crimes case, the prosecution’s side of the story will be based upon physical evidence (drugs, drug paraphernalia, large amounts of cash, or address/client books) as well as testimonies by law enforcement and witnesses, if any. It is your defense lawyer’s job to discount or disprove this evidence – effectively establishing a reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury. If your case hasn’t yet gone to court, we may be able to have your charges dropped due to evidence which is no longer admissible. After all, if drugs or drug paraphernalia were discovered because of an improper search, that evidence should not be admissible.

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