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Violent crimes, such as manslaughter, murder, assault, battery or rape, are often charged as felonies in Tennessee courts. The seriousness of these charges calls for the expert defense of a lawyer who is experienced in defending violent crimes. In a violent crimes trial, the prosecution has the task of proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; therefore, it is your attorney’s job to prove that doubt. This may include proving the unreliability of a witness, supplying our own witness testimony, or showing that evidence or information was attained by law enforcement through illegal means or means which violated your constitutional rights.

Phillips Law, PLLC is a criminal defense law firm dedicated to helping Middle Tennessee residents who have been charged with violent crimes. Clarksville criminal defense lawyer James Phillips helps residents throughout Nashville, Clarksville and the surrounding areas. If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a violent crime of any sort, Mr. Phillips has the know-how to advise you and give you honest and aggressive representation that will serve to ease your worries during the entire criminal process and will prove effective in achieving the best outcome possible.

Murder & Manslaughter in Tennessee

Homicide, the killing of another person, is the most severe violent crime a person can commit. Sometimes a homicide may be legally justifiable, as in a case of self-defense. Illegal homicide, referred to as either murder or manslaughter, will depend upon the specific circumstances and the intent of the accused. Murder is intentional and premeditated; whereas manslaughter is unplanned and may be accidental or unintentional.

The classification of your crime and the sentence you may face will depend greatly upon the skill of your criminal defense lawyer. At Phillips Law, you can rely upon our experience and dedication to each of our clients. By working with our attorneys from the start, you have the chance of having your charges lessened or possibly dropped altogether. By having our representation in court, you may be able to receive a lessened sentence.

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